Demographic Targeting With a Bankruptcy List

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By Dave Morgan, Expert Author, Articlesbase
The bankruptcy list provides a great opportunity for many companies to acquire a highly targeted list of individuals and businesses who can provide marketing opportunities for a great variety of organizations providing services for debt management, debt counseling, and even high risk lenders who charge an increased rate of interest to individuals with an inferior credit rating.
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Use a Specialty Mailing List to Find Customers and Increase Sales

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Anthony J Pensabene, Expert Author, 
When a business begins, its executives must think about what population the business’ services and products can best help. The chosen population is known as the target market. Marketing and advertising initiatives are then geared towards intriguing the target market.
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Create Your Mailing List

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An effective mailing list is more than names and addresses–it’s a record of each person’s buying behaviors. Your customer list can track how often they shop with you, what they typically buy, and how much they spend. Keeping track of your customers and their purchasing habits will help you to personalize offers and increase the likelihood of a sale and response. … Read More