Achieving High Results at Low Costs with Direct Mail

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With digital marketing on the rise, certain marketing
tactics, such as direct mail, have become overlooked. In a digital
world, social media, email, and the web have taken over as key strategies in
marketing plans. However, direct mail offers benefits that other marketing strategies
don’t. These include potential sales as well as new customers.
In fact, 65% of consumers made a purchase as a result of direct

While many view direct mail as an outdated strategy, it is
actually proving to be a very strong force. A USPS study showed that 81% of
recipients read or scan their mail daily. And 40% of 18-34 year olds say they
read their mail immediately. However, the average household only receives two
pieces of direct mail each day. That means that there is less competition in
the mailbox than ever. While companies are saturating email inboxes with
marketing you can easily be noticed through the mailbox.

When direct mail is coupled with your digital marketing
strategies, it is likely to have a higher impact on your sales. It ends up
offering a high result that can be done at a low cost when partnered with
direct mail solutions. Direct mail solutions provide a more productive and
profitable way to reach customers at the lowest costs possible.

For example, there
are solutions, such as MAILERS+4, that easily prepare USPS® compliant direct
mailings for the best postage rates available. You can also implement dedupe
software that eliminates duplicate records from your mailing list in order to
save you money on the costs of printing and shipping. Those are just two of the
many solutions available to help you achieve high results at low costs with
direct mail.

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By Natalia Crawford