Achieving a Single Customer View Through Data Quality

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Pretty much every CRM system is missing one or more pieces
of data for any given customer. Missing data equals knowledge you don’t have on
your consumer. Not only does this affect your customer service and marketing
efforts, but it also takes away from your business intelligence.

The thing is, most companies have the necessary data. It
just happens to be fragmented or scattered. If you can take the information you
have on each customer’s history, what products/services they have purchased,
and how profitable they are and put it into one single view, you can truly have
a competitive advantage.

What is the solution? Full contact data quality.

Obtaining a truly insightful single view of your customer can
only be achieved though consistent, current, and accurate data. That means
overcoming a couple of obstacles. For example, knowing if two or more records
are based on the same customer can be extremely difficult. Or, consolidating
duplicate records and matching accurate data to the actual customer without a
method can be challenging as well. Having full contact data quality can help
businesses make clear connections across data sets.

Full contact data quality also goes a step further by
checking a data set for accuracy against USPS records, telco data, title
information, and more.

With full contact data quality, you can obtain an enhanced
and true view of your customer that will provide better marketing and sales
results. If you are ready to implement full contact data quality to get a
single customer view, check out our solutions and sign-up for a free trial today!

By Natalia Crawford