A 4-Step Checklist to Clean Up Your Data

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Did you know that according to a USPS 2014 report, almost 40
million people change their address each year? Or, that DM News reported that
undeliverable-as-addressed mail costs direct mailers over $6 billion per year?
What about that poor data quality is the main reason for 40 percent of all
failed business initiatives, according to a Gartner, Inc. Study?

These challenges no longer have to be obstacles for you and
your company. Here are is a 4-step checklist to help you clean-up your data:


Step 1: Scrub and Sanitize Bad Data

What exactly do I mean by scrub and sanitize
your data? Well, it starts with verifying
and updating valuable information such as: addresses, emails, phone
numbers, and names.

Step 2: Wipe out the Duplicate Grime

It’s important to clean out duplicate
records. An estimated 10 percent of names and addresses (on average) are
duplicate records. This not only affects your cost but it also affects your

Step 3: Refresh Addresses with the Most Up-to-Date Info

The process? Move updating your data. This
will allow you to update your contact records and reduce wasted printing and
postage associated with undeliverable mail.

Step 4: Recharge your Data with Missing Information

Add critical pieces of information such as
email addresses, phone number, demographics, lifestyle and geographic data.
This can help you gain a deeper insight into your customers and provide you
with the necessary information to create a successfully targeted marketing

There is no better time to clean up your data, save money,
save time, and increase ROI. If you would like to learn more, visit our website.