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Improving Customer Retention

CRM’s are a commonly used tool to gather information on customer’s and improve customer relationships with the objective of customer retention. CRM’s contain information on customer’s name, address, email, phone and more that helps sales representatives have a deeper understanding and context around every individual customer. They create a centralized location where you can store…

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Case Study: Clean Data Helps Non-Profit Flourish

Company: Altapass Foundation, Inc. Altapass Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of the land, history, and culture of the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains, is located in western North Carolina. As a foundation, they host many public activities and therefore have a large database that dates back more than 10 years. The Challenge: This…

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How Dirty Data Impacts Your Marketing Strategy

As a marketer, the start of the new year means setting new goals and creating new marketing strategies. With a CRM system in place, leads to nurture, and new customers to acquire, nothing could possibly go wrong -right? Well, I don’t mean to pop your marketing ninja bubble, but not quite. Don’t worry, I’m not…

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