USPS Hikes Postage Rates in August by 6.8%: 3 Ways to Save on Postage

June 28, 2021 0 By Melissa Team

August brings the heat – and the USPS® is bringing the hikes. The Postal Service® announced another rate hike in 2021 scheduled to be effective August 29th with plans to increase First-Class Mail and Marketing Mail both by 6.8%. The postage increase is the largest in a decade according to Official Mail Guide and comes after the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) revamped the rate-setting system last year that limited the USPS from raising rates beyond the rate of inflation.

ClassPercent Change
First-Class Mail6.814
USPS Marketing Mail6.815
Package Services8.806
Special Services6.808
Source: Official Mail Guide

So, how can mailers leverage better data to meet these postage hikes?

1. Qualify for as Many Postal Discounts as Possible

CASS™/DPV™ process your mailings to qualify for greater USPS savings and reduce incorrect addresses (and returned mail) from your direct mail. CASS processing the mailing list will match your list to the monthly updated USPS National Address file and add the correct ZIP+4 postal codes, plus standardize to meet the USPS CASS requirements.

DSF Processing allows you to obtain Walk-Sequence Codes to qualify for USPS Enhanced Carrier Route, Basic, High-Density or Saturation discounts. DSF2 processing enables you to submit your mail pieces to The Postal Service in the exact order the mail carrier travels – making their job easier and at the same time making your costs lighter.

2. Update Your List Before You Send

Move Update solutions like Melissa’s NCOALink® Service will not only qualify you for the Move Update incentive from the USPS but will improve the validity of your mailing lists. It helps prevent Undeliverable-As-Addressed pieces as much as possible, saving you tons of money since it will be more expensive to send them from the start. Updating your list also enables you to better reach your intended recipients with greater accuracy by reaching their new residence instead of someone at their old address.

3. Purchase a Pre-Validated Saturation Mailing List

Saturation Mailing Lists are the ideal way to saturate an entire neighborhood with direct mail at the lowest postage rate possible. These lists are offered in Walk-Sequence order which pre-qualifies your mailings for the best USPS discounts at both the saturation and high-density levels – saving you 20-25% off Marketing Mail postage.

Sealing the Deal for Greater Delivery

Although the USPS is raising their postage prices, Melissa Direct is your one-stop shop to reduce the costs of direct mailing and marketing initiatives. It offers a multitude of ways to save on direct mail and outreach that would otherwise be impacted by the postage rate hikes and instead empower you to meet the increased cost with greater savings. Explore what Melissa Direct can offer you today so you can gear up to save every penny on mailing, especially come August.