4 Holiday Shoppers Marketers Need to Meet

September 12, 2019 0 By Melissa Team

Hate to break the news so soon – but holiday shopping is nearly upon us! Are you ready to boost your marketing game to prepare for the four Google-defined holiday shoppers? Melissa has the tools give you a jumpstart with direct mail and email lists and below we’ve shared the best strategies to capture each shopping demographic so you can win the Holiday Spend this year!

  1. Evergreen – Shop until you drop – then get back up and keep shopping!

(Shopping throughout holiday season)

Evergreen shoppers start their shopping early, hit the deal days and still swing by the mall for last-minute gifts. They’re the real MVPs of the holidays. Although their average transaction total is slightly lower than other shoppers, they still drive nearly half of the holiday spend. The key to reaching this demographic is to hit them early enough across all channels to solidify your brand as a frontrunner, then continue with steady messaging throughout the season. Make sure direct mail marketing hits mail boxes in October and follow through with eye-catching email blasts throughout the holiday months.

  1. Early Birds – “I saw this months ago and it just screamed you!”

(Shopping from late October up to November 22)

Early birds like to avoid the big crowds and value the convenience in shopping. During the early season, it’s effective to stress the scarcity of your product with messaging like, “Grab this unique gift while it’s still here!” Running a shipping deal during the early season will also be sure to capture early birds’ attention. If you offer buy online and pick up in store, close the sale by stressing that they can find gifts for others on their list while in store! Capture this demographic through loyalty programs and pre-Black Friday promotions.

  1. Deal Seekers – Best Deal or Bust!

(Shopping between November 23-26)

Deal seekers enjoy the hustle and bustle of the infamous Black Friday. Although sales during Black Friday are slowly deescalating, it still makes up a significant portion of holiday spend. Deal seekers are the demographic that most often use mobile devices for either pre-game research or while in store, so make sure promotional emails are optimized for mobile.

Along with day-of searches, we are all familiar with the influx of promotional material that we receive during this time. It’s important to stand out from the barrage of emails with rich images and high-concept messages that are easily understood in an instant.

  1. Last-Minute Shopper – Rushed, yet somehow still finds great deals?!

(December 21-25)

Last-minute shoppers value convenience and transparency. Keep this demographic as informed as possible about estimated delivery dates and inventory – there’s nothing more frustrating than filling your shopping cart and realizing your purchase won’t make it in time! This is the second time in the season to push great shipping deals (as well as gift cards). Also, don’t forget to adjust your SEO to drive traffic off of popular searches like “best stocking stuffers”, “great white elephant gifts”, or “gifts for Dad.”

Key Takeaways

  • Offer your best shipping deals early and late in the holiday season.
  • Evergreen shoppers want steady messaging.
  • Early Birds value convenience (like gifts for multiple people in one place).
  • Deal Seekers use mobile to search and compare the most.
  • Last-minute shoppers want to be well-informed, especially on expected delivery and inventory.

Holiday Email Marketing

It’s especially important to keep track of your open rate and click-through rate on email blasts during the holiday season. Use helpful tools like the MD Eblast Service. It will send your email blasts using your proprietary email blast platform and return detailed reports on performance. Plus, if you don’t have an email list of local residents or businesses, the time to get those is now! Target consumer email addresses and unique geographic targets with email marketing lists from Melissa. You can select from thousands of fresh, local prospects based on ZIP codes, age, income, gender, home value and more.

Promote your Holiday Sales with Direct Mail

Direct mail pieces like coupons and catalogs are still one of the highest ROI strategies in marketing today. Send your holiday promotional material early and don’t waste a penny on undeliverable or returned mail. Melissa provides guaranteed consumer mailing lists that allow you to target specific demographics with lifestyle selects, homeowner, marital status, household income, and more. Melissa even has saturation mailing lists that will let you blanket an entire area based on ZIP code, specific radius, county and more.

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