Increase Donations with an Accurate View of Your Donors and Constituents

February 7, 2019 Off By Melissa Team

Ask yourself this: Do I have a solid group of existing donors but am unsure who to target more aggressively for future contributions? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Nonprofits and political organizations spend years collecting donor data, only to find that the data is unorganized and overwhelming. This data disarray leads to problem after problem – misconceptions, poor analytics and decision making, high costs associated with duplicate mailings and UAA mail, lost communication and so on. However, when data is well organized and simplified, it provides a clear understanding of an organization’s best donors or favorable constituents, and exactly how and when to reach them.

A potential solution to this problem is deduplication, or record merge and purge. Deduping software equipped with survivorship will ensure each donor or customer is represented by a single record that includes every interaction, giving you a complete view of their history.

For the theoretical example of a political fundraising group, the database manager using this software could see a donor’s basic biographical data alongside a listing of all their past contributions.

This would enable the manager to determine the following:

  • Which type of candidates the donor tends to support
  • Frequency and time of the year the donor tends to be most active
  • Average donation amount given each time

This information can be very helpful when determining which past donors to target as part of a new fundraising campaign, perhaps for a candidate with similar attributes to those supported in the past.

It is also important to be sure the deduping is done accurately. In our fluid modern society, addresses, phone numbers and emails can change regularly, and the deduping processes must find the right balance between being too exacting and too loose. Rather than attempting to demystify a large database on their own, many clients are turning to companies that have a deep understanding of matching strategies and algorithms that manage to reach this balance.

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