Use a Specialty Mailing List to Find Customers and Increase Sales

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Anthony J Pensabene, Expert Author, 
When a business begins, its executives must think about what population the business’ services and products can best help. The chosen population is known as the target market. Marketing and advertising initiatives are then geared towards intriguing the target market. Smaller businesses may not have a lot of resources to spend searching for the desired market, so smaller businesses utilize direct marketing leads or targeted lists.
A small business in search of bulk mailing lists has some options. List brokers rent information from sources containing customer contact information such as magazines, newspapers, other companies, etc. In turn, the list brokers compose and rent lists to businesses searching for particular, customer populations.
Mailing list providers offer business-to-business lists, mortgage lists, new homeowner lists, and specialty lists. Specialty lists are sometimes referred to as custom lists, because the desired population is more eclectic and diverse.
Purchase mailing list prices are usually contingent on specifications, or how well detailed a target market is defined. A specialty list may come at a higher price, due to their custom-oriented makeup; a list broker service may have to access several pre-composed lists in order to fashion a list, which has all the desired specifications.
A small business searching for a direct mail marketing service can consider the following attributes of a specialty list:
– Estimated household income 
– Sex 
– Presence and number of children 
– Homeowner vs. renter 
– Trade show attendant 
– Ethnicity 
– Industry of business
Attaining a targeted list is only a part of the marketing effort. A small business needs to compose a marketing plan in order to attract business and gain sales from the lead list contacts. Using direct mail is one way to initiate contact with potential customers. This can include personalized letters, mention of sweepstakes, coupons for featured services and products, and so on. 
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—Source: Anthony J Pensabene in an Expert Author at Nov. 10, 2009