Improving Customer Retention

April 22, 2016 Off By Melissa Team

CRM’s are a commonly used tool to gather information on
customer’s and improve customer relationships with the objective of customer
retention. CRM’s contain information on customer’s name, address, email, phone
and more that helps sales representatives have a deeper understanding and
context around every individual customer. They create a centralized location
where you can store all of your necessary contact data without it accidentally
being discarded.

Mircrosoft Dynamics CRM is an application that offers a
simple solution that supports multiple common business applications, such as
Outlook. It has an intuitive interface that allows users to create an account,
contact and other entities allowing ease of information storage. However, it
does not allow developers to import customized plug-ins and solutions.

Melissa Data offers Personator, a web service that allows
users the ability to input basic information, such as addresses, and output a
plethora of other fields. CRM systems are known to contain information on both
individuals and businesses. Melissa Data offers Business Coder, which is a
service that will return information regarding businesses. Business Coder works
in tandem with Microsoft Dynamics CRM facilitating customer retention with

Individual contact information as well as business
information can easily be stored in one location providing sales
representatives with the necessary data to cater to each customer’s needs. When
a company is able to provide customer’s service based on their individual needs
and scenarios, retention will inevitably sky rocket.

Learn more about how Personator and Business
can help you improve customer retention.

By Natalia Crawford