Achieving the Best Segmentation and Insight into Customers

April 14, 2016 Off By Melissa Team

Every database out
there is missing pieces of information that, if available, could provide you
with better insight into your customers. There are data enrichment tools that can
add missing email, phone, and address information.  They can also append demographic and
geographic data, and detailed property information to your database.

Here are a few things you can do to achieve the best
segmentation and insight into your customers:

Know Your Customers
Preferred Method of Communication

Using a tool,  such as
Personator, gives you the missing information you need to reach customers and
prospects using the channel they desire for better response and ROI. To learn
more about this solution, click here.

Improve Sales and
Marketing Through Geocoding

With our geocoding solution, you can get precise rooftop
(delivery point level) latitude and longitude coordinates for U.S. and
international addresses so you can perform accurate spatial analysis and

Consumer Demographics
and Business Firmographics

Access 100’s of data selections to enhance your data and
provide the critical customer insight you need. You can get access to 25
million business records for detailed information, including firmographics
(company name, estimated sales volume), geo-location, census data, and more to
improve analytics, sales, and marketing campaigns for increased profitability.

IP Location

Identify the physical location of an IP address, and add
valuable geographical information like the country, city, lat/long so you can
better profile Web traffic and improve business intelligence.

Having the best segmentation and insight into your customer
will improve your success with marketing and sales campaigns while giving you
the best ROI. Check-out Melissa Data’s Data enrich & Geocode solutions to
find out more about how you can use these valuable tools for your business.

By Natalia Crawford